China revises 2010 GDP data

China revises 2010 GDP data
Shanghai, China 15 September 2011
China revised up its, otherwise already significant, 2010 GDP expansion data recently. The previously announced 10.3% was now corrected to a development of 10.4% by the National Bureau of Statistics.

Based on the above, the 2010 gross domestic product of the world’s second largest economy became 40.1 trillion yuan (6.3 trillion USD).

Manufacturing rose by 12.4% compared to 2009, while 9.6% growth can be observed in the services sector. The index in agriculture shows 4.3% upwards. The economic output of manufacturing in China is 46.8%, as opposed to the 10.1% of agriculture.

Data for 2011, in comparison to last year, already show a significant difference again: the index shows 9.6% GDP growth in the first half of the year.

Scanning the above information, don’t you think that taking your share from such a booming economy is worth considering?

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