Professional solutions: We leave no space for mistake

Our team of native speaking professionals from Asia and Europe understand well the requirements of the Western world as well as the Oriental mindset and the possibilities in Asia.

The deep understanding of the different cultural approaches and expectations not only enable us to establish, effectively support and manage mutually beneficial business Partnerships but also to provide truly unique professional solutions to our Partners.


You can focus on Your core business, while BMSCG takes care of the rest


Our business network includes more than 1 500 suppliers in China alone, which, combined with over two decades of sourcing and supply chain experience can make a real difference for Your business. We leave no space for mistake – therefore You can focus on Your core business, while BMSCG takes care of the rest.


Strategically positioned: Always there for You, whenever and wherever You need us
The BMS Consulting Group with business locations in key countries in Asia and Europe...:


The largest economy of the European Union both in terms of population and economic performance.


Located in the heart of Central and Eastern Europe, the region with the highest forecasted growth potential.

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Mainland China

The world's largest country and soon to be largest economy.

Hong Kong

The financial and trading hub of Asia, with one of the world's largest container terminal.

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... is strategically positioned to ensure safe and dynamic flow of goods and services for Your Company, while providing the highest possible added value to Your business.

One of Your key benefits when working with BMSCG is that your company will not need to invest money and time into local offices, employees, translators and expertise.

We provide all this for you.

Thanks to our global presence, we are always there for you, whenever and wherever you need us.

Our colleagues in Asia start their work as Your day in Europe is over and due to the time difference we literally solve your problems while you are asleep.


Unique Expertise and Extensive Guanxi (network of influence)


Your success is our peace of mind


The combined sourcing and supply chain experience of more than 20 years, and our extensive network of over 1 500 factories in China alone, enables BMSCG to provide truly unique professional services and give a competitive edge to our Partners, previously unavailable to small and medium size companies.

Long term business relationships are generally recognized key prerequisites to success and this is even truer in Asia.

Our long term relationships with our Suppliers and frequent high value orders enable us to help Your business achieve discounts and price levels that earlier only large multi-national corporations could.


One point of contact: One-stop shop with no unknowns

One thing we all prefer to avoid in business is uncertainty. We cannot rule it out completely, but most businesses will do anything to minimalize it.

Buying or sourcing products from another country already involves a high degree of uncertainty. Doing business on another continent, with entirely different cultures does not make things easier.

At BMSCG we make sure that Your sourcing experience in Asia will be the most pleasant You ever had.

There is no need for you to deal with suppliers, negotiations, translators, shipping agents, trading companies, forwarders, quality controls, warranty etc. anymore.

You can consider all the unknowns associated with sourcing procedure gone as well.

One point of contact who is always available for You and up to date with Your business– it is really that simple! One-stop shop with no unknowns.