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Strategically positioned: always there for You, whenever and wherever You need us.


BMSCG is a Sino-European group of consulting companies with business locations in Europe and Asia. Originally established in Hong Kong in 2010 as a supply chain consulting group, eventually grew to focus more on distribution.

We specialize in Market Entry and Distribution, and we are here to do the strategies and planning for your trading business in a new market. Our main focus is to empower small to medium size companies and enable them to remain competitive in today's global economy, while keeping in mind our collective responsibilities for the environment and the countries we do business in.

BMSCG provides flexible customized services and consultancy solutions that meet the highest standards, at competitive and affordable rates. The expertise, previously privilege of large multi-national corporations, is now here and available to give Your Company the competitive edge.

Our team of native speaking professionals from Asia and Europe understand well the requirements of the Western world as well as the Oriental mindset and the possibilities in Asia.

The deep understanding of the different cultural approaches and expectations not only enable us to establish, effectively support and manage mutually beneficial business Partnerships but also to provide truly unique professional solutions to our Partners.

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Why Asia and China? Facts


With the population of 3.8 billion, Asia is by far the world’s most populated continent. In contrast, the entire population of the combined block of 27 countries of the European Union is “only” 501 million, whereas the population of the United States, the currently largest economy, is even less, 309 million.

Although Asia only covers approximately 9% of the Earth’s surface and has around 30% of the total landmass of the Planet, it hosts about 60% of the world’s population. With the forecasted low GDP growth (or even stagnation) of the western economies, more and more companies look to the Asian markets, that carry the most growth potential for the next decade.

It is not difficult to foresee therefore what kind of economic potential China, already the world’s second largest economy with over 1.34 billion people, has in the life of any business today.