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market entry

Market Entry

Strategically positioned: always there for You, whenever and wherever You need us.

Our team of native speaking professionals from Asia and Europe understand well the requirements of the Western world as well as the Oriental mindset and the possibilities in Asia.

The deep understanding of the different cultural approaches and expectations not only enable us to establish, effectively support and manage mutually beneficial business Partnerships but also to provide truly unique professional solutions to our Partners.

Our business network includes more than 1 500 suppliers in China alone, which, combined with over two decades of sourcing and supply chain experience can make a real difference for Your business. We leave no space for mistake – therefore You can focus on Your core business, while BMSCG takes care of the rest.

Our network of lawyers, and economic professionals can support your market entry from A to Z.

  • Establishing company
  • Strategy and planning of distribution
  • Establishing import/export contracts
  • Licensing
  • Outsourcing